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Remote access portal for Creighton University Medical Center Applications.

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This network of computers is protected by a security system.  Criminal law prohibits unauthorized use.  Violators will be prosecuted.


Non-VPN Applications:



LARA                                   eTenet/Physician Portal


VPN Applications - Included: PACS, OBTV, Care Manager, HBO Star, Transcription, Coding

Select the option that fits your employment

Creighton University Physician Remote (1 Time Only Client Install - return to this page and click “Providers Links” – Instructions below under Connection Instructions - Creighton University Physicians/Employee Remote Access)

Creighton University Physician on JayNet

UNMC Providers Links (UNMC Campus only)

Non-Creighton Physicians Remote (return to this page and click “Providers Links”)

Creighton Employees on JayNet

Tenet / CUMC Employee (return to this page and click “Tenet Employee / Contractor Links”)

Post VPN Links:


*  Tenet Employee / Contractor Links

(requires a VPN only if off a Tenet network)

*  Providers Links

(No VPN required if you are on a CU network)

Reference Links: (Do not require VPN)

*  Creighton Hospital Connection

*  CML Pathlink

*      All-Business Plan

*  CUMC Home Page

*      Radiologist Schedule

*  eTenet

*      Education - Care Alerts - Nurse

*      Medical Staff Bylaws

*      Medco Preventive Medications

*  Tenet 2011 Benefits EE Presentation Benefits Fair

Technical Support:


*  IS Helpdesk On-line ticket

*  Calling the Tenet Service Desk

*  diagram

Connection Instructions:


*  Creighton University Physicians / Employee Remote Access

*  UNMC Providers to CUMC Access

*  All other Physicians / Contractors (Non-CU Physicians)

*  CUMC PACS Web Workstation Setup

*  Creighton University Network Access (Non-remote)

*  CUMC Tenet Employees Remote Access

*  Non-CUMC Tenet Employees

*  Tenet VPN Troubleshooting Tips

*  Dial-in Remote Access

*  Citrix Client Setup

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