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CUMC Tenet Employees

1.    Tenet employees can set them selves up for VPNWEB access by filling out the eID form on www.etenet.com

a.     Go to www.etenet.com

b.    Click “Tools & Applications” from the navigation bar at the top of the page

c.     Click the “eID - Online Security Form” under the section called “Administrative”

d.    Click “Security Request Form”

e.    Select “I am completing this request for myself” under Step 1 and wait for screen to refresh

f.       Type in your supervisors name and click “Search”

g.    After your supervisor’s name has been found click “Next”

                                                                                      i.      “Save and Close” will save your incomplete request for you to finish later

h.     Scroll down to “Information Systems and Security” or click the link at the top of the page

                                                                                      i.      Select “Web VPN/VPN Client”

i.        Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Next”

j.        Next you will be asked to identify your facility / location.

                                                                                      i.      There will be 2 Next / Save and Close buttons at the bottom of the page

                                                                                    ii.      Select the 1st Next button

                                                                                  iii.      After the screen refresh click Next again

k.     Your request is complete

2.    To process this form your manager will need to login to eTenet and approve this request

3.    After setup you will receive instructions from Perot / Tenet on how to connect to the VPN.

a.     Go to http://vpnweb.tenethealth.com (save this as a favorite)

b.    Enter your eTenet username and password

                                                                                      i.      Leave the “Realm” at the default of “Active Directory for Tenet Realm”

c.     Click Sign In

d.    You will see a “Network Connect Status” window.

                                                                                      i.      Wait for Network Connect to minimize to your system tray by your system clock

                                                                                    ii.      By placing your mouse over the Network Connect Icon on the system tray you should see “Network Connect, Connected”

4.    Access CUMC resources after you successfully connect to the VPN

a.     Go to (save this site as a favorite)

                                                                                      i.      This page will only display if you are successfully connected to the VPN.

b.    For help on using this web site click the link “How to use this WEB site

c.    Select the Application or System by clicking it’s link

5.   End your VPN Session

a.    Save your work and close your CUMC / Tenet applications

b.   Right click on the Network Connect Icon and select End session

Hospital Help Desk

(402) 449-4825
From outlook global address list: "Helpdesk, CUMC"
or cumc.helpdesk@tenethealth.com

Updated: July 1, 2008, RKS